What is mindburp?

Ever had that feeling of completely having forgotten about something really important? Planning a friend’s party, a project deadline or calling about renewing a contract…

Task management
mindburp is a task management web app that can help you keep track of all things you need to remember. An easy way to keep your burps (to-dos) in one place.

Collaboration makes things so much easier, don’t you think?!
Using mindburp, you can collaborate with friends and colleagues, share lists, assign burps and write comments to keep each other updated.
mindburp also offers nice features like due dates, reminders and calendar feeds.

No feature bloat
mindburp’s key values are simplicity and collaboration. There are too many apps with ‘feature overload’.
Our goal is for mindburp to be simple, easy to use and offer functions that you really need.

Of course, we continuously continue to develop new features and ways for our users to get the most out using mindburp – but we will never offer a gazillion features.

💡We are always open to suggestions – if you want a new feature in mindburp, you’re always welcome to send us an email!

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