Valid from: 20 July 2023

Burp Empire AB (“we”) uses Cookies and Local Storage on our website (the “website”) as well as in the mindburp web application, which is accessed via (the “app”). Below you will also find information on how to avoid Cookies and Local Storage.

Do we use Cookies and Local Storage?

The website uses Cookies. The app uses Local Storage to enable it to offer its features.

How and why do we use Cookies?

The website uses cookies to improve your browser experience by storing your preferred language setting.

Third-party cookies

The website uses third-party cookies to track how you use our website, for example, what pages you visit and how long you spend on them. This helps us get a better understanding of how people are using our site, how many visitors we have and how they access it, which helps us create better campaigns.

The app use tracking cookies to help improve our advertising campaigns. We may track how you have entered our sign-up page & what ads you click.

What are Cookies and Local Storage?

Cookies and Local Storage are technologies for storing information on your device, such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, and enable the app/website to recognise your browser when you visit our website and/or app.

How long data is stored for is specified under the heading “Collection of Cookies and storage times”.

It is possible for you to clear all information in Cookies and Local Storage in your browser. The information in Local Storage is sent only to us and is not accessible from other websites.

Local Storage contain information such as your username, e-mail address, user ID and information for access to the app.

Which Local Storage do we use and why?

The app uses temporary Local Storage, which is removed when you log out, and permanent Local Storage, which is stored on your device for a longer specified period or until you yourself choose to delete it. The length of time for which different Local Storage is stored on your device is stated below.

The types of Local Storage we use/could use and why we use them can be categorised as follows:


Some Local Storage is necessary to enable you to use the app and all its features, for example, to enable us to identify requests from the same browser during a limited session time.


Feature-bound Local Storage includes a unique ID string and helps the app to store user settings such as information on language, region and other preferences to enable it to provide you with individualised and customised services and content.


This Local Storage is used to analyse your app’s performance and identify and remedy any problems as soon as we detect them.

Third parties

We also allow Local Storage from third parties in the app, which can collect information on you as a user of the app. We are only liable for information that we receive and process from the third party in question. If and to the extent that a third party’s Local Storage collects information that is used for other purposes, the third party in question is liable for such processing (see each third party’s privacy policy for more detailed information).

Collection by Cookies and storage times

Cookie Type Duration Description
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary 0 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Necessary”.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary 0 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Non Necessary”.
CookieLawInfoConsent 1 year CookieYes sets this cookie to record the default button state of the corresponding category and the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie.
viewed_cookie_policy 0 11 months The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.

Collection by Local Storage and storage times

Collection by the Local Storage that may occur when you visit and use the app.
Local storage Storage period Purpose of storage Geographical location

Type: Host

Time: Permanent

Syfte: Enable the website to be used. Database key

Plats:Processed and stored in the USA

Type: authUser

Tid: Deletion occurs automatically when you log out of the service. You yourself can choose in the app when you wish to be logged out automatically.

Reason: Enable the website to be used. Information required to identify you on the website. Details of your log-in and information required for connection to the website.

Location: Processed and stored in the USA

You are required to approve some Local Storage to be able to use the app and all its features without disruption. Therefore, when you choose to create an account in our app, you are asked to consent to the use of Local Storage through our terms and conditions for use. You always have the option of limiting our use of Local Storage and/or deleting it. However, this can affect the app and its operation. See below for more details on how to restrict and delete Local Storage.

The legal basis for processing necessary Local Storage is established according to a balancing of interests in which we consider that Burp Empire’s interest in being able to maintain satisfactory operation without disruption on the website and in the app outweighs your right not to have your personal data processed.

How can you restrict or delete Cookies?

You can prevent cookies from being placed in your browser settings, though this may affect the functionality of websites that you visit. Cookies on our website are not essential, but may improve your experience.

If you want to delete cookies in your browser, check this guide: How do I delete cookies?

How can you restrict or delete Local Storage?

You can delete all Local Storage from your device and set your browser/change your settings so as to automatically refuse Local Storage, or else be informed that a website uses Local Storage. You can read more about how to refuse and remove Local Storage here:

The app requires you to approve the use of Local Storage, otherwise we will be unable to identify you as a user and will thus be unable to offer you access to the features of the app.

Frequently asked questions on Local Storage

For more information on frequently asked questions, please visit our Knowledge Base

Further information and contact

If you have any questions about our use of Cookies & Local Storage, you are welcome to contact us

For more information on how we process your personal data (including Local Storage) and what rights you have as a data subject, see our privacy policy

Updating of this personal data policy

Burp Empire may need to update this personal data policy for various reasons. We therefore encourage all data subjects to regularly check whether the policy has been updated by checking our website, where an updated version will be posted from time to time. If there are significant changes to the personal data policy, persons registered at that time will be specifically notified.

If you feel that the website fails to comply with its information policy, please contact us