How is my Wunderlist data imported?

  • Projects will appear as lists
  • Tasks will be imported as burps into their respective lists (project)
  • Recurring tasks are imported, but their recurrence will be lost. A recurring task is imported as a burp, with due date set at the task’s next ‘recurring date’
  • Sub-tasks will appear as ordinary burps
  • Due dates will be set as due dates
  • Reminders will be set as alerts
  • Recurring reminders are unfortunately lost, but will be set as an alert at the next reminder date
  • Comments are imported into their respective burps. Imported comments are marked with [IMPORTED].
  • Completed tasks are not imported
  • Completed projects are not imported
  • Imported data can be updated, deleted, archived and shared as any other lists & burps!
  • If the system limits are reached, we’ll import as many of your projects/tasks/comments as possible, starting with the newest and working our way backwards in time ?

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